Yes, We Can!

This year, there’s a NEW parade in Henderson, Kentucky!

So…what is this parade? And why? And of course, where and when?

Yes, We Can! is a celebration of  diversity, and the parade takes place on September 17 at 10am, and all are invited! The route begins at Fifth and Main Street, and will head south on Main Street to Washington. At Washington Street, the parade will take a left, and then another left on Elm and head up Elm Street, back to Fifth.

If you would like to be IN the parade, you can contact Lawrence himself at [email protected]. There is an entry fee to participate ranging from $10 for antique cars up to $100 for floats.

Who is hosting this parade and what is it all about?

The creation and execution of the parade is being handled by a man named Lawrence Butler.  We had the pleasure of being introduced to Lawrence when he was in the beginning stages of planning the “YES We Can Parade.” Throughout his planning process, he frequented our office, humbly seeking event planning tips, or purchasing items from the gift shop. (We helped him assemble some very generous gift bags for the special guests that will be attending the parade.) There were two things that we couldn’t but notice every time we sew Lawrence. His genuine warmth, and a smile. Always.  Not only is Lawrence a genuinely NICE person with a perpetual smile, he is sincerely generous. The proceeds from the parade will be given to Riverview School, a school for special needs children.

This parade is more than just an event on your calendar of things to do with your family or friends. Similar to most parades, it IS a celebration. But the reason for this particular parade is unique to Henderson, KY. The reason for THIS parade is to celebrate the diversity of our town. In an interview with Frank Boyett for Henderson Family Magazine, Lawrence says “All of God’s children are welcome. I am not a person who judges. Anyone under God’s umbrella is welcome to this parade.” So, no matter what you believe, the color of your skin, your sexual preference, YOU are invited to attend this celebration.

Photo of Mr. Butler by Darrin Phegley