Trip Tips: Riverwalk Offers Great Place for Walkers and Runners

As the weather warms up, there’s one thing on my mind – enjoying the Henderson Riverwalk. The walk was remodeled over a year ago with a longer addition which offers beautiful views of the riverfront from Red Banks Park to Twelfth Street near the hospital. If you start at Red Banks Park and follow the entire trail into Atkinson Park, you’d be walking approximately 2 miles one way. It’s a nice hilly path, perfect for walkers and runners. This MapMyRun map is very helpful for those looking to take advantage of the walk.

riverwalkRiverwalk Signage – Corner of Merrit & 12th Street


Here’s a few ways to take advantage of the walk:

• On cooler days, park in the lot at the bottom of the hill from Methodist Hospital. If you walk north through Atkinson Park instead of south on the new section, the trees offer protection from the winds of the river. This section has a great mix of flat areas and hills, offering a great workout.
• Have kids? The playground in Atkinson Park is reachable from the Riverwalk. Surrounding the park are several picnic tables for lunch or a snack break. During the summer, kids can also enjoy the Riverfront Fountains in Sunset Park on the riverfront.
• The Riverwalk is dog friendly! (Please pick up after your pets, though.) As a dog owner, I love meeting people and their pets along the trail.
• There are water fountains across from the hospital Merrit Drive if you need a drink along the way. These are available during warmer months. Or, if you get off the Riverwalk and walk into downtown, there are several places to grab a bite to eat or drink.
• Download the Audubon Sculpture Walking Tour brochure and take a look at the two newest sculptures, which were added in 2012. The American Crow is located at Red Banks Park and the Belter Kingfisher is located at the Corner of Merrit Drive and 12th Street, near the hospital.
• The Riverwalk is not bike friendly. Please stick to bike paths or roadways, and leave the paved section for foot traffic only.

birdAudubon Sculptures

redbanksRed Banks Park