Trip Tips: Metzger’s Tavern Definately Worth A Visit

Any time I have friends in from out of town, we always end up at Metzger’s Tavern.  In fact, friends that have been once always make sure that it is part of their visit’s itinerary when they come back to town.  It’s the 2nd oldest tavern in Kentucky, boasting nearly 110 years of friendly service to the Henderson community.  It’s not exactly a fancy place, I believe it’d be classified as more of a “dive,” but much of the dusty old bar’s charm comes from its lack of any attempt to impress.

Did you know? Metzger’s was named one of the Top 12 Dive Bars in America?

Walking through the front door of the tavern (which uniquely, doubles as a package store), leaves you feeling as though you’ve gone back in time.  The first time I ever stepped foot in the place with my entourage of “out-of town-ers,” I imagined the screech of a record player stopping as every head (of all the regulars) turned in our direction, as if to say “who the heck are you?”  It didn’t take us long to feel welcomed though.  A friendly regular even offered to “hold the door shut” while I used the restroom…how “charming!”  But not only is the building itself something to experience, so are their burgers and soups.  And the price really can’t be beat.


So…if you find yourself visit Henderson, or if you’re local and have never been, seek out this historic gem, located at 1000 Powell Street, on the corner of Powell and Julia.  You’ll be glad you stopped by, and whether or not they act like it at first, they’ll be glad you visited as well.
This “Trip Tip” written by Kyle Arnett.
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