Trip Tips: Gearing Up For Summer in Henderson

Summertime is around the corner!

You may have a been a little disappointed by the information from your weatherman this morning as you were layering on clothes, but have faith! Summer will be here soon.  I used to flip flop on what my favorite season was. In the wintertime, the summer was my favorite season.  In the summertime, winter was my favorite season. But I can say now with 100% certainty that summertime is my favorite season.

In the summer, I can get out and hike the trails at Audubon State Park, ride horses in the outdoor arena at Blue Moon Stables, walk the river walk, ride bikes all over the county, visit the Farmer’s Market, among many other things.  Today, I filled out my application for the Henderson Farmer’s Market CSA.  Beginning in May, a local farmer will deliver fresh goods directly to my home each week!  This will be my 2nd year participating in the CSA, and I can promise you, it’s worth every penny.  I encourage you to visit the Henderson Farmer’s Market website, and to get involved!

DSC_0124Produce from the Henderson County Farmers Market

Trip Tip submitted by Kyle Arnett, Executive Director for the Henderson County Tourist Commission.