Top 10 things to in Henderson do before School Starts

Summer is almost over, but it’s never too late to make memories and make 2015 the best summer yet. There are several activities to do right here in Henderson, KY. No traveling that costs tons of money and requires planning and time. Just a day here in Henderson and some friends and family to spend it with.


#10. Go see a Movie– Beat the heat and go to the movies. Henderson has a relatively new and large movie theater. Take the family out during the day. Go out on a date later in the evening. We all know how busy the schedule gets when school starts back up so take the chance now to sit down and relax in front of the big screen. Info:


#9. Spend a day Eating and Shopping Downtown- Henderson’s downtown area is growing and prospering. If it’s been a while since you’ve spent some time downtown then there is a lot of new things to see. If you have a sweet tooth stop by Second St. Treats or The Cake Stand.  Shop around at unique shop’s like HorseFeather’s Gifts, Balfour Rings and Things, J’Petals, LuciaSoap, Paisleys and more! Get new shoes at Simon’s Shoe Store or Wilkerson’s Shoes. Abba’s Music will have the right music to motivate you for the upcoming school year. If you get hungry there are a variety of paces to get a bite to eat.Eat at On Deck Bar & Grill before it closes for the winter. Feeling a hamburger? Try Major Munch. Need some extra energy? Check out Planters Coffeehouse. Eat lunch at the Sidewalk Cafe. So many options so much to do all in one easy to access convenient local place. Any questions on any of these places or more options come down to The Depot/ Welcome Center or call (270)-826-3128 or (270)-827-0016


#8. Go to a Park– It’s hot, but when school starts it’s going to get too cold. Henderson is blessed with so many free parks. Buy lunch and go eat it at Audubon Mill Park. Picnic at Central Park and enjoy the fountain. Play ultimate frisbee or soccer in the large field at Redbanks Park. Bring your kids to the playgrounds at Atkinson Park or Sunset Park. Go hiking at Audubon Park. Check out Sandy Lee Watkins Park and if you enjoy biking that’s a unique scenic place to do it. Other places aren’t as fortunate and don’t have as much green space. Go early in the morning or in the evening and enjoy the cooler temperatures. The sunset on the Ohio River is always spectacular and can easily be seen from Sunset, Atkinson or Red Banks Park. Info:


#7. Downtown Henderson Historic Walking Tour– Young and old, native or visitor, this tour is for everyone. Given on the first Saturday of every month April-November, this tour is free and provides information about the homes and buildings of downtown Henderson. Hidden secrets and truths are revealed. Learn about Henderson’s significance in the dark tobacco exporting business. Find out what’s so special about our geography. Join The Depot Community  Room, Saturday, August 1st for the next downtown tour. Info:


#6.Audubon Scavenger Hunt– There are several John James Audubon sculptures located around downtown. On every sculpture, excluding two, there is a hidden creature. The Henderson Tourist Commission has Audubon Sculpture Walking Tour brochures that you can use to go on a scavenger hunt and find all of the hidden creatures. You can also download the brochure online through the link provided. Fun for children and adults alike. Info:

Farmers Market Henderson KY

#5. Henderson Agritourism-Go shopping at The Henderson Farmer’s Market which includes several vendors like Cates Farm , First Fruits Farm and more. Buy fresh fruits and vegetables for healthy snacks. Buy peaches and blackberries for cobblers. Take a farm tour of Stone Hill Honey and see the honeybees, fruits, vegetables jams and more. Check out their local shop in downtown Henderson.  Ruby Moon Vineyard and Winery invites customers to stroll through their vineyards. There are so many opportunities to buy fresh produce around Henderson.


#4. Try a new Sport- Henderson has some of the most updated and largest tennis courts in the area. Henderson has the downtown tennis courts by the riverfront that provide a fresh, cool breeze off the river, and courts at Henderson County High School. You don’t have to be good to enjoy playing. The same goes for disc golf. Atkinson Park has an 18- hole disc golf course that is free and open to anyone. All you need is a disc. The YMCA has a lot to offer to it’s members. Try playing pool or ping pong. Shoot some hoops, go for a swim or run around the track. Tennis courts are available for rental at the YMCA also. One of the newest additions at the YMCA is the mini golf course. Play ultimate frisbee, football or soccer just for fun in the large grassy field at Red-banks park. Golf at Henderson Municipal Course or at John James Audubon State Park. Just get moving before summer ends.


#3. Go Fishing- Children under the age of 16 in Kentucky do not need fishing license. It’s not hard to get a fishing license if you do need one. Just call (270)-831-1200. The Ohio River provides an abundant amount of fish and has helped Henderson get named “Number One Place for River Cat-fishing” by Audubon State Park  has a 28-acre lake filled with largemouth bass, bluegill and catfish.

King's Highway-Bluegrass in the Park

#2. Bluegrass in the Park– This festival is occurring August 7th and August 8th. It’s the weekend before school starts. Take the kids out to enjoy some bluegrass music in Audubon Mill Park. Enjoy the food and other activities such as: Jammin’& JUmpin, Breakfast in the Park, Flipping& Flying and so much more. The Folklife Festival brings inactivities that revolve around music and arts. For more info:



#1. Riverfront Fountains– This is the moment we all have been waiting for. The Henderson Riverfront Fountains are operating again after months of reconstruction. The official public opening is planned for Friday July 31st. If there are any problems it may be delayed, so please be patient. If everything goes as planned, then the fountains will be fully opened to the public by Friday. The fountains include two play areas, one with larger jets and one with softer smaller jets for a “toddler” play area.