These tips could help you keep your New Year’s Resolutions

A new year is the time that often, we reflect on the past, and make plans (or goals) for our future.  Whether your resolutions are the be healthier, stay on a budget, spend more time with family, to have more “me” time, we’ve got ideas to help visitors and residents alike make 2017 a great year.


“In 2017, I would like to eat healthier.”

Eating healthy can sometimes be a challenge in today’s busy world, especially when you are traveling.  Luckily, we’ve got options in Henderson, KY to help you stay on track.  Planter’s Cafe has your health in mind, with daily specials and classics that are often free of guilt and full of flavor.  Just avert your eyes from the sinful sweets that they tease you with at the checkout counter.  Hong Kong Foodie whips up daily specials with minimal, high quality ingredients; sushi at Tokyo Teppanyaki, salad at Commonwealth Kitchen & Bar or Sidewalk Cafe, the list of healthy options goes on.

For a full list of great dining experiences in Henderson County, explore our dining page.


“In 2017, I would like to get in shape.”

Even in the coldest winter months, Henderson offers great opportunities for outdoor adventures to help with fitness goals.  Hiking this time of year offers the perfect chance for scenic views and quiet time to yourself.  Some amazing views can be seen on the trails at Audubon State Park, along the Riverwalk, or at the Sloughs Wildlife Management Area (where you can also catch of glimpse of 1,000’s of migrating Canada Geese, or spot a bald eagle, if you’re lucky).  For more outdoor adventures in Henderson, check out the list on our website.

If you would prefer indoor activities as a way to get in shape, there are a variety of gyms in Henderson that would welcome a drop-in guest (or a new member, if you’re a local).  Our local YMCA, Crossfit Bending Iron, Yoga Alternative, or one of the two 24 hour fitness facilities offer a variety of modalities to get you moving.



“In 2017, I would like to stay on a budget.”

For the budget conscience, there are many free, fun things to do in Henderson this year. Our very own John James Audubon State Park offers various activities, most at no cost.   Examples include beautiful spots for picnics and nature viewing, historic tours and recreational activities.  

On our community calendar, you can filter the events by their cost.  Visit the calendar on our website to stay on top of all that is going on.



“In 2017, I’d like to try something new.”

The New Year is the perfect time to try new things.  Whether you crave thrill seeking experiences like a high ropes course at the Brain Injury Adventure Camp, or you’re interested in adventures more subdued (like trying barbecued mutton, or attending one of our fabulous music festivals for the first time), find experiences that help you live life to the fullest.

For a great listing of other fun things to do in Henderson, visit this link!