Taking Action #ismynature

The Henderson County Tourist Commission recently spearheaded efforts to establish Henderson’s brand identity. You may have seen #ismynature posts and images taking on a ripple effect in the social media stratosphere which was launched with the unveiling of the Discover our Nature video last year. But if you are still new to the idea of branding, we’ve recapped some Branding Initiative updates and compiled a few highlights of the Henderson brand identity to help you identify how you (or your business) can attach to the Henderson brand.

Brand Story One Page copy

(Click Image to Download One Page Henderson Brand Story)


First of all, why is branding important?

When there is a lack of a strong community brand, there is an opportunity for anyone to come in and establish or create their own sense of a brand, which can be detrimental to a town’s reputation and pride.

When the community voice is united behind a true brand and brand messaging is consistent, the brand will help define Henderson as a destination of distinction.

As we gain traction and the community perception begins to recognize and take ownership of the brand, Henderson will start to attract the type of people and businesses that share the same interests, the same ideas that we associate with our town.


Understanding the Henderson Brand: What is a brand story?

A creative platform for consistent messaging that reinforces Henderson’s strengths, it is a story that tells where Henderson has been, and more importantly, where its going.


Our brand story:

Henderson is framed by nature. The river rolls by. The birds fly. Home to John James Audubon and W.C. Handy and others who turned life into beauty, art, commerce and success. Henderson captures what’s inside you. Then brings it out. A vibrant downtown. River up close. Nature and history as its backdrop. It inspires. Anything is possible. Come, choose your path and stride into it with determination. Henderson is where you can “Discover your nature.”


An Update on the Branding Initiative:

Since the unveiling, the Henderson County Tourist Commission has already begun progress in phase four of the branding initiative. First on the list was to assemble a task force of diverse community members who are passionate about helping reinforce the brand. While the task force is still seeking members, they have already been planning regular meetings, with sub-committees reporting back on progress. If you have an interest in becoming involved, the sub-committees vary from Economic Development & Recruitment, Health & Wellness, Retail & Restaurants, Marketing, Arts/Events, and Education with opportunities to expand. Other areas of phase four that have seen fruition are: local signage branding, Henderson Brand Story, produce branded merchandise (t-shirts, lapel pins, clings) as well as other Henderson merchandise, branded travel brochure, the Vision group has also open a call for artists to submit designs for a gateway to Henderson using the brand, and much more!


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