Storytelling Shirts & Hats With History

It’s no secret we like to provide cool Henderson gear for everyone to rep. But do you know the stories behind the designs? Here are some of our most popular items we carry, and the stories that make them unique.


“On the Ohio, but never in it!”

A lot of people assume this is a shirt about boating on the Ohio River, and they comment, “We are always boating on the river, but we will never get in the water!” While it’s true the Ohio River waters are a little murky and questionable, this shirt design is actually based off a different reference. In 1937, 21 inches of rain fell over an 18-day period. Many towns located on the banks of the Ohio River flooded drastically, but Henderson, on its bluff, was spared from major damage. The term comes from Leigh Harris, the Gleaner publisher of the time, who wrote “Henderson is on the Ohio but never in it!”





Henderson Brewing Company

Many visitors who see this shirt ask, “Does Henderson have a brewery?” We used to! The Brew House was located at Fifth and Water Streets. Despite a boiler explosion, which ceased operation, the brewery reopened and was very profitable. Known as the South’s “brewers and bottlers of fine beers, exclusively,” Henderson was also known as the birthplace of Peerless Whiskey. The brew house was also known for its “Hop Gold” and “Sphinx” beers, which were popular throughout the south.





High School Rivalry

In more recent history, Henderson County High School wasn’t always the only high school in Henderson. The County High Colonels and City High Flash were the hottest rivals that this town has ever seen! Old high school annuals show pictures of Homecoming week festivities, which include phrases like Smash Flash! and photos of Colonel mascot dummies placed in fake coffins! These long sleeve shirts have vintage jersey-like designs pulled straight from 1960’s yearbook photos.





Great American Past Time

It’s no doubt that baseball is America’s past time. We’ve brought another piece of high school sport history back to life with these retro county high caps. These ball caps were worn by the Henderson County High School baseball team in the 60’s and 70’s. In this photo from the 1968 annual, Coach Benson sports the cap and poses with athlete Leo Peckenpaugh and the District Championship trophy.





Kentucky For Kentucky

Ever heard of Kentucky for Kentucky? The independent group started as a mission to raise money to air a Superbowl commercial to promote Kentucky. They didn’t reach their goal, but they now advertise Kentucky with hundreds of clever and trendy shirt designs and merchandise. One of their well-known sayings being, “Kentucky Kicks Ass!” The Tourist Commission carries Kentucky For Kentucky t-shirts, tanks, decal stickers, southern socks, and you’ll have to stop by to see the rest of the spread for yourself!


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