Metalpoint Drawings on Display Until March

The Ohio Valley Art League is proud to present “The Luster of Silver: Contemporary Metalpoint Drawings” on loan for the permanent collection of the Evansville Museum.

“The Luster of Silver: Contemporary Metalpoint Drawings”

February 4 to March 1, 2010
Rotunda Gallery, Henderson County Public Library
Contact: Jule McClellan, Executive Director/Curator, 270-860-1930 or email:
Gallery Hours: Mon. – Thurs. 9 to 8
Fri. & Sat. 9 to 5 and Sun. 1:30 to 5


“In a medium that affords no second chances, it is impressive, indeed, to see the work of contemporary artists who are not only willing to meet a formidable challenge but also to conquer it with assurance and grace.

Once the metal stylus hits the surface in a silverpoint drawing, the gesture recorded is a permanent, irrevocable one. And the 19 artists from 11 states and Canada who are featured in this exhibition deftly celebrate what poet Robert Frost once called “the pleasure of taking pains.”

Rarely will a museum-goer be treated to as delicate and satisfying a feast – – one that eloquently attests to the fact that in a troubled, chaotic world there are still those who are taking time with carefully measured steps to create a subtle and lasting gift.

The 20 drawings exhibited here were donated to the Evansville Museum by artists participating in our summer 2009 exhibition “The Luster of Silver: Contemporary Metalpoint Drawings.” We are deeply indebted to artists Koo Schadler and Jeannine Cook, who served as co-curators for the exhibition, and encouraged these gifts.

We are delighted to share this exceptional work with the Ohio Valley Art League and the Henderson, Kentucky community.”

Director, Evansville Museum

For more information on this exhibit and other art activities in Henderson please visit the Ohio Valley Art League website.