Love Letters from Tourists

The Depot Community Room and Welcome Center welcome many guests and travelers every year. On average, our doors welcome 10-15 visitors a day! We hear lots of stories of long travels and family histories, but our favorite feedback are the notes that tourists leave in our guest book. We hope these love letters pull at your heart strings and inspire a renewed love for Henderson, Kentucky!


Scroll to read some of the loving and exciting comments Henderson has received this past year from people all over the world!


“I really like Henderson ♥️” – Francesca G., Exchange Student from Italy


“Friendly and diverse community,” – Janeen J., Wyoming


“Learned a lot from Donna. Thanks,” – Catherine, Evansville, Indiana


“Love Henderson,” – Helene N., Las Vegas, Nevada


“Gettin lucky in Kentucky! It will always be home!” – Joseph & Jenny


“Impressive!” – Bob & Cathy, Francisco, Indiana


“The kids loved watching the train! ♥️” – Rachael N. & Gigi, Maddie, Penny & Lucy


“Love Henderson!” – Phil W., Las Vegas, NV


“Home from NC visiting families and reunion, ♥️ Hendo 🙂 ” – M.M. Steed, North Carolina


“Came here for the Pokéstops & to catch Pokémon!” – Stevie & Ryan, Evansville, Indiana


“Very nice!” – Danny & Debbie


“Huge river, Nice view,” – Carolyn & John, Champagne, Illinois


“Enjoyed visiting 🙂 ” – Chris S.


“Cool W.C. Handy Fest!” – Hope & Shealey, Evansville, Indiana


“Wonderful to visit!!” – Nancy & Melton R.


“Enjoyed our visit in spite of the heat,” – John & Ginny F.


“I just got here!” – Jim, San Benito, Texas


“Nice clean town,” – June F.


“Interesting information! Thank you!” – David & Joyce S.


“What a neat town!” – Sue, Council B., Iowa


“Beautiful town! I love the feather pen 🙂 ” – D. Danole, Louisville, Kentucky


“I finally found you! Tourist Center! After walking many blocks!” – Georgia H.


“Great help! Thank you!” – Kathy & John W., Birmingham, Michigan


“We appreciate coming to know your quaint town. Thank you,” – Bernie & Robbie B., Gallatin, Tenneessee


“Thanks for opening up to us the great places in Kentucky!!” – Ann-Marie, Lebanon


“Great visitor center!” – Charles & Carol, Temperance, Michigan


“Thank you for sharing your hometown with us.” – Judy J.


“♥️ Hendo,” – Joanne G.


“Beautiful Downtown and neighborhoods,” – Bill & Suzanne, Suttons Bay, Michigan


“Nice town 🙂 ” – Jennifer C.


“Thanks for helping me find my relatives.” – Laura T., Plano Texas


“Wonderful small city!” – Nancy & Carl S., Novato, California


“Very friendly staff,” – Sam & Gail, R., Missouri


“Henderson is the Best!” – Dorothy, Louisville, Kentucky


“Great exhibits and stories!” – Jennifer C.


“Very nice!! 🙂 ” – Charlene B., Evansville, Indiana


“Nice place and people,” – Jeff & Maureen R.


“Fun day enjoying downtown Henderson!” – Aunt Rae Rae & Isabella


“Henderson is beautiful!” – Mike & Tammy


“Lovely Town! ♥️” – Mary O., Petaluma, California


“VERY NICE!!” – Jerry & Marlene, Robards, Kentucky


“I am here.” – Melissa


“Love it,” – Linda L., Mayfield Kentucky


“I ♥️ it here,” – Jack


“Very impressive,” – Malcom & Kay D., Twin City, Georgia


“Thank you so much for keeping the history alive.” – Mike & Michelle


“Outstanding!” – Bob & Cathy, Francisco, Indiana


“I really liked the visitor center and the train 🙂 ” – The Cross Family, Clayton, Missouri


“Hidden treasure,” – Jerry & Mia


“Enjoyed your vital city rich in history of Henderson. Enjoyed Art Hop and your museum. Thank you,” – Beth & Rick, West Virginia


“Very nice!! 🙂 ” – Nanci & Bian, Manchester, New Hampshire


Ever wonder where Henderson tourists come from? Take a look at these travelers that signed our guest book and some of the interesting places that they call home:


Lorna & Levy H., Posey, Philippines


Dave & Joyce J., Cincinnati, Ohio


Chris & Ray C., Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin


Phil B., Nokomis, Illinois


Jennie C., Seattle, Washington


Al & Lorraine, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


Ludita & Carlos V., New York City, New York


Barb W., Oviedo, Florida


Duane & Joyce H., Grand Junction, Colorado


Mat & Gloria S., East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania


Janine H., St. Croix U.S. Virgin Islands


Nancy, Annapolis, Maryland


Bob & Sharion T., Pflugerville, Texas


Garry & Peggy, Alberta, Canada


Donna & Bill, Bluefield, West Virginia


Paul E., Newark, Deleware


Susan E., North Wales, United Kingdom


Barb & Tom & Ben, Washington, D.C.


Donna & Wet Willie, Mobile, Alabama


J & A Cosper, Kingsland, Georgia


Jim M., Germany


John & Ann W., West Columbia, South Carolina


Dennis & Joyce, Arcadia, Oregon


Damien & Vicki R., Shepparton, Australia


Lowell S., Spearfish, South Dakota


Stephanie & Bailey & Sydney, Norman, Oklahoma


Kevin & Tracy, Norfolk, Virginia


Eric & Catherine L., Sombra, Ontario, Canada


The Memmer Family, Buckskin, Indiana


Chris & Bev S., Stewartville, Minnesota


Tommy & Scooty, Phoenix, Arizona


Barbara & Alan, Kodiak, Arkansas


The Hammets, New Orleans, Louisiana


Terry T., Brandon, Mississippi


Mike B., Ashcraft, British Columbia, Canada


Bill & Chris, San Diego, California


Chad & Stephanie, St. Cloud, Florida


Jan S., Sugarland, Texas


Todd & Mary, Catasaqua, Pennsylvania


Chris & Katie, Nashville, Tenneessee


Joe & Sue, Poughkeepsie, New York


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