I Spy- Henderson Scavenger Hunt

Because we are creatures of habit, details often are missed. In the hustle of a busy day, many fail to notice the beautiful scenery around them. Here we have 10 close up pictures of locations in Henderson. Get ready to test your knowledge and guess where all of these places are. As you scroll through the images, hints or fun facts will be given. Some photographs will be harder than others. Team up with your friends and family or make it a competition to see who can be the fastest to find these locations. Answers will be provided at the bottom of the post, but no cheating!

Second Street Treats


All of these pictures are places in Downtown Henderson.


#4Whistle Cafe

Having fun yet?



All of these locations can be put into the same category; do you know what it it?




We have discount coupons for many of these locations in our brochure!




Download the answers HERE.