Hide A Rock Movement

Last summer everyone walked around searching for Pokemon on their app Pokemon Go. This summer a new phenomenon is sweeping the area. Many communities including Henderson have started painting rocks and hiding them for others to find. It’s a Rock Scavenger Hunt. Henderson County has a Facebook page group with over 400 members so far called “Hide- A-Rock In Henderson County”. This group is leading the community to a time of family fun. This is great for parents, babysitters, kids, teens, and adults looking to be involved in the community.

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How Do I Hide a Rock?

1.) Find a rock of decent size.

2.) Paint the rock however you like. Rocks with inappropriate content will not be included and will be refused. You could even have a rock painting party with your friends.

3.) Hide the rock in Henderson City Limits.

4.) Take a picture and post on the Facebook page with a little hint or clue.


What to Do when I find a Rock?

First of all congratulations!

1.) Comment on the picture of the rock that you found and let everyone know you found it either with a picture or just a comment.

2.) Admins of the page will then delete the picture so others don’t keep looking for it.

3.) You can either re-hide the rock and post a new picture or you can keep it.

4.) If you keep it, please hide two new rocks to keep the adventures going for everyone.

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While this game is ongoing and will continue on there is an organized FREE event planned for Saturday, August 5th to celebrate school being just around the corner for Henderson County. Participants of the back to school rock hunt should meet outside at The Depot/Welcome Center at 4:00pm. Rules will be given out rocks be checked for inappropriate content. From 4:00pm-5:00pm participants will go hide their rocks and at 5:00pm everyone will meet back at the “base” at The Welcome Center. 24 prize rocks will be hidden. At 5:00 clues will be posted on the Facebook page about the locations of prize rocks. If you find a prize rock keep it until the end of the Prize Rock search and bring it back to “base” by 6:30. Each prize rock will get you a school supplies item. There also is one grand prize rock that will when you a basket full of school supplies. You may donate schools supplies if you would like, but it is not required to participate. From 6:00pm- 8:00pm participants will have the opportunity to find other rocks that people painted and hid. At this time you can post pictures on the page of the rocks you hid as well as see clues of the other rocks hidden. Just remember if you find a rock and keep it, to replace it later.

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Jessica Bender was is the founder of the Facebook page Hide- A- Rock in Henderson County. The group has been going on for a couple months now after Jessica played in Union County with her family. Communities all over the nation have started painting and hiding rocks.


-Please stay off personal and private property.

-Make sure your rock isn’t in a dangerous place.

-Don’t leave your rock out in the middle of grassy fields that are mowed; rocks can hurt when hit by a mower.

-Acrylic paint stays the best on rocks.

-Don’t leave young children unattended.

-Searching with a friend rather alone is always safer.

-Downtown has FREE wifi for up to 2 hours.

Join the Facebook Group HERE.