Henderson Vision Sports Committee Seeking Proposals for Sports Feasibility Study

Request for Consultant Services  “Recreational / Sports Facility & Programming”

Sealed qualification/proposals will be received at the Henderson County Tourism Commission offices located at 101 N. Water Street, Henderson KY 42420 until 4:00 p.m., March 2, 2016, for consulting services for the evaluation of existing facilities, stakeholder’s input and recommendation for a recreational/sports facility in the community of Henderson, Kentucky.  The intent of this request is to retain the services of a qualified consultant under a contract for service to implement the aforementioned plan.  The scope of work shall include but not be limited to the outline shown in Exhibit “A” of this request.  There is no expressed or implied obligation by the Henderson County Tourism Commission to reimburse responding firms for any expenses they may incur in preparing their submittals or answering this request.

All questions shall be directed to Kyle Hittner at the Henderson County Tourism Commission office at 270-826-3128 or by email to [email protected]

Submission Content and Guidelines

One (1) original printed RFQ/proposal and seven (7) additional copies along with one (1) electronic copy (compact disk) submitted with sealed envelope.

Each proposal must include the following:

1. Provide the following for your company

  • Official registered name (Corporate, D.B.A., Partnership, etc.)
  • Address if different from above address
  • Direct Telephone Number
  • Fax Number
  • E-Mail address
  • Person authorized to contractually bind the organization for any proposal against this request.

2. Provide a brief history of the company, including year established and describe its experience with visionary/community planning processes.

3. Provide resume(s) of person(s) that will be assigned to this project.  Please identify all relative experience.

4. Describe the company’s approach to completing the outlined task.  Include an understanding of the Community recreational programs as well as its goal for this project.

5. Provide examples of projects similar to this one that your company has participated in. Include the nature of the participation.

6. Statement of availability.

7. Cost proposal is to be placed in a separate sealed envelope to be included separate of the RFQ and labeled “Cost Proposal”.  Please provide one (1) original and seven (7) copies of the cost proposal with your submission.  Please provide in a clearly marked format hourly rates and all costs associated with your proposal including all itemized costs for each discipline and a total cost.


The Henderson County Tourism Commission along with community partners are seeking proposals from qualified firms in the area of sports facilities, sports and entertainment, event travel industries and promotions.  The goal of the study is to provide the community with a Master Plan to develop a viable recreational sports program along with sports facilities, programming guidelines, rules and regulations, financial considerations and revenue sources to support Vision Henderson’s plan.

The Vision Henderson Sports Committee (group of 6) has been appointed to serve on this search committee; three of which represent Vision Henderson and Henderson Tourism; and three of which represent various sports interests in the community.  They are tasked with the issuance of the request, receipt and evaluation of the proposals, and a recommendation of award of the contract.  The time frame for the process is as follows:

  •  Issuance of the Request – February 17, 2016
  •  Receipt of Proposals – March 2, 2016 by NLT 4:00 pm
  •  Review Period – March 3, 2016
  •  On-Site Interviews – March 14 & 15, 2016
  •  Notice to Proceed – March 21, 2016
  •  Study Period – Four (4) months
  •  Draft Plan – September, 2016
  •  Final Plan – October, 2016

Project Overview:

The Vision Henderson document was developed over a six to eight-month period that involved every aspect of the community including stakeholders involved that generated a comprehensive overview of the needs and desires.  One aspect was the desire for improved sports programming and facilities.

From the adoption of the Vision Plan, the Mayor of Henderson has lead a group of Henderson vision committee members, tourism, and interested sports groups to determine the best approach for attaining the goals and objectives in the Vision Plan.

As a result, there have been numerous meetings by these groups to determine the best course of action, funding mechanisms for the study and appointment of the group to represent the community going forward.  A scope of work has been developed by this working group and it is their desire to procure a qualified firm to assess current conditions of the sports community and develop a Master Plan that can be adopted for future implementation.