Henderson is Anxious for the Opening of Audubon’s Boardwalk Trail!


You’ve seen the photos and probably our video featuring the Audubon Boardwalk Trail, but you may be thinking Where is this secret boardwalk? Is it even in Henderson? We hear your questions and we are here to help answer any questions you may have!

When was the trail built?

If you can remember in December of last year, John James Audubon State Park acquired about 649 acres of wetlands. Though the land acquisition had been a few years in the making, the Friends of Audubon got a jump-start on the construction of the Boardwalk over a year ago. As you can imagine, the wetland area is no stranger to frequent flooding, being closely located to the Ohio River, but due to the record drought season we had in recent years, the dry and hard packed ground provided optimal conditions for building the boardwalk.

When will the Audubon Boardwalk be complete?

While the Friends of Audubon completed the boardwalk construction, the state park is still waiting for a management plan approval. The Park will be working with the county to build a designated entrance and parking area so visitors can gain access. Trail signs are currently being approved and should be made soon so the over 5 miles of trails can be marked. The state park is financially prepared to undertake signage design and the marking of the trails, and they are waiting for the approval from the Department of Parks of the parking area and entrance so the county can begin construction. Although the boardwalk will eventually be ADA accessible, “As of right now there is no safe way for the public to access the boardwalk,” says Audubon State Park Director Mark Kellen, “But we are hopefully looking forward to opening in spring of 2017.”

So when Can I Visit?

We know you are anxious to visit the boardwalk, we are too! The Friends of Audubon are hosting a Walk in the Wetlands volunteer event on September 24, where the public is invited to participate in the nation’s largest single-day volunteer effort for America’s public lands as a part of National Public Lands Day.  Visit the Facebook Event Page to get the full details of this event!

If you can’t participate on September 24, just remember that the fastest way you can get involved in helping the Audubon Boardwalk Project come to life is by spreading the word, and so far Henderson is already doing a great job of it! Continue to share and show your interest and get people in your area talking about the boardwalk. If you want regular updates on the progress of the boardwalk trail, sign up for our E-newsletter to receive more information about what is going on in Henderson, Kentucky.

In the meantime, please feel free to enjoy over 8 miles of marked trails at Audubon State Park, including Eagle Glen Pet Trail, one of our favorites!