Henderson Hospitality

Walking around the one and only Downtown Henderson, something stands out. People in Henderson are friendly. Southern Hospitality is real and it’s thriving in Henderson,KY. As I’ve grown up in Henderson, I have noticed 5 things that we may take for granted. 5 things that people from other places would be thrilled to find.

1.) Gentlemen hold open the doors for ladies.
Every time I walk into the post office or any other shop, men hold the door open for me, even if it means they have to wait a little longer. In fact, people in general hold open the doors. Henderson natives always check behind them to make sure there isn’t anybody else coming before they let a door shut. Although this act seems so simple, I am always honored when someone spends 5 extra seconds to show an act of kindness and that’s the kind of people I find in Henderson.

2.) Children are friendly.
Although children are often portrayed as immature or shy, I have come across such intelligent, friendly young ones in Henderson,Ky. In the check out lines at stores I will always talk to parents and their children. Henderson’s children can and will carry on a conversation. You’d be amazed by the things you can learn from children.

3.) People smile.
Smiling requires no speaking, yet is still one of the strongest forms of communication. A smile can transform someone’s day. Almost every person I walk past in Henderson will nod, smile and/or wave and it brightens my day. It communicates that they care and have noticed me.

4.) Manners are still alive.
It doesn’t matter where I’m at in Henderson or who I’m talking to. “Please” and “thank you” are habits. “Yes ma’am” and “no sir” are common. The way we speak to each other speaks millions about the kind of town we are. It represents respect, kindness, and compassion. Henderson is one of those place that is rejuvenating because you are guaranteed to come across someone who will treat you the way you want to be treated.

5.)Henderson Natives are helpful.
I was walking down an aisle at a store today and someone tapped me and politely inquired :ma’am did you drop this?” It in fact was a very important document that I needed. With out this woman I would have lost if for good. She was helpful. If you are lost and need directions, more than likely a Hendersonian will offer them to you before you even have to ask. It’s generosity and honesty that makes the people of Henderson so helpful.


If you live in Henderson, remember people notice the small acts of kindness. Be proud of your hometown and let us know on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/hendersonky?ref=hl)your best memory of a time someone showed you that Southern Hospitality that everyone dreams of.

If you are looking for a perfect vacation spot, Henderson is the place to be with the people you want to be with.