Henderson Flash Joins Wooden Bat League

The Ohio Valley League (OVL) for Summer Collegiate Baseball has officially introduced a Henderson, Kentucky franchise team, appropriately named the Flash. The OVL, a wooden bat league, has been in operation for the last 5 years after converting over from the old Kitty League.

The Henderson Flash is the eighth team to join the league. With Henderson now on for the summer 2017 season, the league has enough teams to have two divisions. The Henderson Flash will be a part of the East division, along with the Dubois County Bombers, Owensboro Oilers and Muhlenberg Stallions. Making up the West division are the Fulton Railroaders, Paducah Chiefs, Hopkinsville Hoppers and Madisonville Miners.

The Henderson Flash will have twenty home games, which are to take place at Henderson County High School’s B.T. Wayne Field. Flash President Clay Bolin anticipates a high level of excitement for this new team, especially at home games.

“We are planning for each home game to have a promo night, and especially looking forward to our City High reunion night,” Bolin states. That particular home game (date not set yet) the Flash will welcome and recognize any former City High baseball players. During the game the Flash will be wearing City High throwback jerseys that will be auctioned off during the game and proceeds will be given to charity.

During the season, Local sponsors can go all out with themed promotional nights, team spirit and freebies for the crowd are highly encouraged. The Henderson County Tourist Commission is eager to participate and has already committed to sponsoring a promo night.

Henderson County residents can mark their calendars for home opener game on Friday, June 2nd and with the playoff season beginning around July 20, 2017. The season will include a mix of weeknight and weekend games. The Flash will also play on the road, competing in forty regular season games total.

The wooden bat league consists of scholarship collegiate baseball players who are participating in a summer season in order to try and prepare for a chance to play professional baseball after their college days are over. They are expected to have 28 players on the roster, about 8-10 of those college level players could potentially be coming from our local community. In the summer season, some Flash players will get the opportunity to live with host families in the area.

We cannot wait for the beginning of the Flash’s first season! To get the latest updates on the Flash’s home games, sign up for our Monday newsletter at this link to get email notifications on upcoming events!

 in sponsorship opportunities or becoming a host family? You can visit the team website www.hendersonflash.com for more information or contact the Henderson Flash Owner/President Clay Bolin at [email protected] or (270) 748-1508.