Geocache Kickoff Event To Take Place April 2nd!

Geocaching is the modern day quest for secret hidden treasures (a scavenger hunt of sorts). There are thousands around the world, and coming soon, one additional Geocache Trail will be on the map here in Henderson, Kentucky.

Event Details:
To kickoff the introduction of this trail of twelve caches, a free event will be held April 2nd at 11:30 a.m. at Audubon Mill Park beside The Depot at 101 N. Water Street. Light refreshments will be served and the top lucky explorers will have a chance at winning prizes! Prizes will be drawn at 1pm and 2pm. Every participant that presents a completed passport will also go home with a special token!

Family Fun Activity!
Explorers both young and old can participate – at check-in, each participant will receive a passport. In addition to a fun visual map and coordinates, each passport contains instructions and mysterious clues to the location of each cache. The most accurate way to locate the caches will be to download the free “Geocaching” app from the online iTunes/Play Store, where all twelve caches can be detected on the app using GPS software. While all are encouraged to participate, young children may need some parental assistance in navigating. Caches are hidden among several popular downtown spots, all are located within walking distance of each other (about a mile and a half radius).

How does geocaching work?
When participants successfully find a cache, they will first log their name and date in the cache notebook, and then mark the corresponding location in their passport with the given materials provided in the cache. Though it is not required, some active participants may choose to leave a small token or treasure behind for other adventurers to find. One may choose to remove the token if they replace it with an item of equal or higher value. Other than that, it is asked that all other items be left in the geocaches for others to use. When searched in the numeric order in the passport, the caches will contain additional clues to where the next cache is located… and onward to the next cache!

Geocaching Year-Round!
Though the kickoff event will take place on April 2nd, once the caches are placed, you can hunt for them year-round at any time rain or shine. Free passports can be acquired at the Henderson County Tourist Commission. Every participant that successfully completes the Geocache Trail and marks their passport with the corresponding materials in the caches will receive a free commemorative coin token when they present their passport to the staff at the Henderson County Tourist Commission, located at The Depot on Water Street (Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.).

This Geocache Event is brought to you by the combined efforts of the Henderson County Tourist Commission, the Downtown Henderson Partnership, and the City of Henderson.