From One Blog to Another: Reviews, Photos & Writings about Henderson

We love reading other blogs written about Henderson. It’s great to see what visitors have said – and the awesome photos they have to share. Sometimes a local writes a blog about Henderson – and their insights are always so interesting! Here are a few recent favorites:

1. If you are considering visiting for the weekend, this blog by Preservation Adventure hits up the lesser-known highlights like a certain historic home of movie fame and a chicken joint that you’ve just got to check out. Read the full post here.

2. On the trail for good food, this blog makes us laugh with personal writing on Bon Ton Mini Mart.
“Everything is pretty fast except the chicken,” explained the man behind the counter. “That’s made to order, so it takes about thirty minutes.” We settled in for a wait, content to sip iced tea and watch the ladies in the back whip up our chicken.  Read the full post here.

3. In June blogger Kyle visited Audubon State Park. We love his photos of the campground and the museum. Read the full post here. What else do you do in June in Henderson? The W.C. Handy Blues & Barbecue Fesitval of course! He also writes a wonderful post about that as well.

4. This post by Roost Home blog is about decorating your home with Audubon prints. Here in Henderson we love Audubon, who lived and painted here. The John James Audubon Museum & Gift Shop is a great place to view his artwork – and buy a print for your own room renovation! You can also see an original copy of Birds of America – the HUGE book that she references within her blog.
“The original book is HUGE and sold at auction for $10 million last year—the world’s most expensive book! You can buy a smaller version online for much less than that. Truth be told, the thought of ripping up that book to frame a print kind of horrifies me! Luckily, reproductions of individual paintings are easy to find.” Read the full post here.

5. L&N Bed and Breakfast has a blog about owner Norris Priest and his bow tie collection. When young photographers came for this year’s Mountain Workshops they photographed and interviewed Norris. Check out the blog and visit L&N Bed and Breakfast during a stay in Henderson. It has a beautiful downtown location! Read the full post here.

6. Here’s a sweet engagement post by Jesse Daniels Photography. Audubon State Park is a great place for family photos or engagement photos. Did you know the park also offers services for outdoors weddings in the courtyard? To find out more call them (270) 826-2247.

7. Carrie and Matt posted a riverfront photo on their clothing store blog for Imogene + Willie. Check out the “Homesick for Henderson” post and maybe do some shopping on their online store while you’re there!

8. Here’s a beautiful blog post about Mountain Workshops in Henderson, Kentucky.

9. This post shares a review of Henderson’s Atkinson Park Disc Golf Course. Did you know we had disc golf on the riverfront?

10. An American Queen blogger talks about her visit to Henderson where she was “pleasantly surprised.” Read the post here.

11. And finally visitors to Evansville and Henderson shared photos of Henderson’s Audubon State Park. Apparently the Bird Observation Room is just as fun for adults! Check out the blog and photos here.

We love reading blogs about the area, and are so glad people choose to review the positives and negatives of Henderson. Do you have a favorite blog about Henderson you’d like to share?