CSI: TRANSYLVANIA Murder at the Vampire Zombie Apocalypse Inter-Active Comedy Murder Mystery Dinner at Ruby Moon Winery!

WHO: Upstage Productions

WHAT: CSI: Transylvania Murder at the Zombie Apocalypse, an inter-active murder mystery dinner 

WHEN: Friday, October 17 at 6:00 pm.

RESERVATIONS: Tickets are $50 per person and include wine tasting, full dinner and the show. To purchase tickets call 270-830-7660


Actor / comedian KEVIN O’BRIEN is well known for his “killer entertainment”. For almost twenty years he and his actors have been performing his inter-active comedy murder mysteries literally all over the world.

He explains how his mysteries work: “As the audience arrives they are assigned new identities for the evening — some of them becoming suspects in the crime. The shows are very fast-paced and funny, half scripted and half improvised. As the mystery unfolds, a murder occurs, and the audience must figure out ‘who dunnit’. Was it the Wolf Man? Dracula? Frankenstein or the person sitting next to you? People have a tremendous time hamming it up.”

Indeed, O’Brien and his actors play multiple parts in each of his mysteries — sometimes playing as many as five characters per show.   In addition, each mystery has a different theme, which is plain from titles such as DEATH AT DUCK DYNASTY, I’LL BE HOMICIDAL FOR CHRISTMAS and MAYBERRY R.I.P.

O’Brien and his actors are on the road year round, and have even performed at military bases as far away as Korea and Australia. Kevin’s troupe appears regularly at several wineries across the United States. In addition, they have performed at the Governor’s Mansion in Missouri, and for HBO in New York. He and his actors can be seen worldwide on Kevin’s television series, The Theater of the Word on EWTN.

The mystery dinner includes food and the show, as well as a wine tasting. Glasses or bottles or wine or beer will be available at an additional cost. Tickets are $50 per person. For tickets or more information call 270-830-7660.