Cory Ramsey of “Map Dot Kentucky” Visits Henderson

Cory Ramsey recently made a visit to Henderson and we were happy to show him a few of the lesser-known spots.

Ramsey has spent the last 5 years traveling to all 120 counties finding hidden gems. Ramsey has worked with the Kentucky Department of Adventure Tourism since 2010.

10401875_698912110216751_4272518364903960915_nPhoto by Cory Ramsey, Facebook

“I went to Geneva, the little country store just up the road. Good folks in there, they’ve actually got a salad bar in a country store, that’s the first time I’ve ever seen that. I went to Blue Moon Stables where an Ellis Park champion rests. He’s doing good things up there and all kinds of good horse work. Back in town I had a burger at the classic joint, Metzger’s Tavern. It was really a good time here in Henderson,” said Ramsey. (from 14 News)

See what he has to say in his recent blog post here. We were happy to have you in Henderson, KY!