6 Signs Kentuckians are Ready for Spring

1. Over the Snow
One snow day is just what you needed to break your everyday norm. Two snow days meant you had free day to sleep in and a day to catch up on all those things you have been meaning to do. But chances are, you were still holding out for that third snow day to get all that “stuff” done. Now you’ve lost count of snow days and have lost track of all the catching up you have to do. And even though it was 65 degrees this past weekend, every sad pile of dirty snow that is still hanging around from snowmageddon, reminds you that it’s still only February. At least gas is super cheap, thank goodness (that four-wheel drive doesn’t fill itself up).

2. March Madness
There are only two times of the year for most Kentuckians, college basketball season, and the off-season. There’s nothing more exciting than witnessing an entire restaurant of eyes glued to a giant flat-screen tv, roaring at every play, enjoying a slice of local pizza and an ice cold pint of your favorite brew. Some equally enjoy sitting at home listening to Grandpa curse at every call the referees make. We know we have no NFL, NBA, MBA, or any other of those fancy professional sports teams… and that’s the reason why we love March Madness so much. Whether you bleed red or bleed blue, every Kentuckian has a reason to root for college basketball.

3. Social Media Struggle
There is hardly anything to post to social media during the winter besides being cold. But an early spring predicted by the world’s famous groundhog is all the validation you need to post that throwback Kentucky sunshine selfie, because gosh darn it, you’re ready to soak up the sun with your bare feet on warm blades of grass while drinking ice cold sweet tea. So go ahead and post that epic outdoor selfie, where the sun rays made the little light orbs on your photo, the one with either the goldenrod, bluegrass, or corn in the background (or maybe all three).

4. Farm Fresh Foods
You can’t call yourself a Kentuckian if you’ve never eaten a juicy tomato ripe off the vine, or picked fresh veggies out of your backyard for dinner. Warmer weather brings a plethora of farmer’s market favorites to your corner, so even if you don’t have time or space to grow your own, there’s no excuse not to enjoy your home-style favorites. There’s something about driving down a country road and seeing a handmade sign that reads “sweet corn and farm fresh eggs” that makes a town feel like home. Spring’s a comin’ and we know ya’ll are ready to start germinatin’ those seeds.

5. Fast Horses
Spring is the season where the hooves hit the tracks and people flock from miles around to take pictures wearing fancy hats with Kentucky racehorses. Weather you’re a fan of the big city tracks or prefer family fun eating dollar hot dogs at Ellis Park, there truly is no other experience like it. Not only will you find horses at the tracks, but if you look to the fields you will find a happy number of… wait for it… baby thoroughbred horses. That’s right, spring marks the time of year for those new little foals pop out their famous bloodline momma’s bellies and frolic adorably through the fields as you make your way on your morning commute.

6. The Great Outdoors
Kentucky arguably has the greatest all-around package when it comes to nature. Being the heart of the nation, Kentuckians enjoy the singing mountains in the east, the beautiful bluegrass plains in central KY, rolling hills of woodlands in the west, and more shoreline than the Florida coast. There is no time of year you look forward to more than the spring, but you have to enjoy it while it lasts, which unfortunately seems like just a few weeks, because you know that six-month summer heat won’t be far behind.

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