6 Bar Foods To Try This Weekend

Chef Zachary Overfield is a born and raised Hendersonian, having grown up in the East End and still residing in the neighborhood. He’s successfully managed multiple kitchens and is currently head chef and culinary instructor at Earle C. Clements Job Corps. Join us each month for Chef Zach’s culinary adventures around Henderson!


6 Bar Foods To Try This Weekend

By Chef Zach Overfield


First on our list of bar foods and snacks is Rookies Sports Bar and their delicious Stuffed and Fried Mushrooms. These mushrooms are a huge hit with Rookies patrons! The jumbo white mushrooms are stuffed with a house made herb infused cream cheese and then battered in a homemade beer batter. Once perfectly fried, they are then served with a horseradish aioli. The aioli flavors compliment the earthy and meatiness of the mushrooms. This bar snack pairs well with a cold beverage and is sure to please.

Deep fried, stuffed mushrooms

Next on the list is Rockhouse Pizza’s salty and savory Fried Dill Pickle Chips. These little fried treats are one of my favorite things on the menu. The hand battered dill pickle chips are fried to a golden perfection and served with your choice of dipping sauce. I recommend Thousand Island dressing as a dipping sauce, as it pairs well with the brine of the pickles. These hard to resist chips are also on Rockhouse at Wolf’s menu.

Breaded and deep fried pickles served with ranch dressing

On my list of bar foods I wanted to try, I ventured into the new Firedome Pizza and Wings location. Firedome is a locally owned business here in Henderson that has a lot to offer, including plenty of TVs for catching a game. I enjoy their handmade recipes, one of a kind wood fired pizza and jumbo hot wings with your choice of multiple flavors. This month, we are going to highlight their Cheese Bread. After a day of bellying up at the bar, everyone needs something to snack on. My go-to is the cheese bread, and if you’re feeling brave you can get it with jalapeños. The dough is made from scratch and topped with fresh, melty mozzarella cheese baked to order. Pairs well with with cheese sauce or Ranch dressing.


Cheese bread and sauces from Firedome

When talking about bar foods and snacks, I can’t leave out Metzger’s Tavern. This 1800s saloon turned grocery and pharmacy turned bar is loaded with history. If these walls could talk! Though it has changed ownership a number of times, you can still walk in and experience the same traditional Metzger’s atmosphere and recipes that locals and visitors alike have come to love. Metzger’s makes a from scratch Pimento Cheese that is out of this world. I especially enjoy their spicy version that is made with fresh jalapeños. Their pimento cheese comes four ways: spicy or regular on a bun or with crackers. This is a must have when visiting the oldest tavern in Henderson.

Pimento cheese sandwich on Texas toast with beer cheese and cheese cubes from Metzger's Tavern

If you are looking for a menu with lots of choices, look no further than Algonquin’s Bar and Grill. Their menu has quite of few offerings from pizza and Stromboli to burgers and salads. If you’re looking for something small to snack on while enjoying a tasty adult beverage, try the Fried Green Beans. These green beans are not your normal healthy choice, but they are oh so delicious! These breaded and deep-fried green beans are great by themselves or with a dipping sauce of your choice.

Fried green beans

Everyone in Henderson raves about Commonwealth Kitchen and Bar’s Brussels Sprouts. CKB is a one of a kind establishment here in Henderson, known as a gastropub with a unique selection of handmade artisanal foods.  Their fresh Brussels Sprouts are marinated and then fried to a crispy perfection before brought out to your table. Unique twists on this local staple include Southwest Sprouts and Candied Sprouts as well, for the adventurous palate. The order is rather large, so don’t be shy share with a friend or another table.

Roasted brussels sprouts from Commonwealth Kitchen and Bar

Last on our list of bar foods we have Heady’s Pizza, which is a new establishment in Henderson. Don’t let their newness fool you, they are making some big waves in the restaurant game here in Henderson. As far as bar foods, you have to try their Chicken Blah-Blah Potato Skins. These made to order skins are topped with delicious bacon, grilled chicken, red onion, Ranch dressing, BBQ sauce, and cheddar cheese, then baked until the cheese has reached gooey perfection.


Headys chicken blah-blah on a sub sandwich

Heady’s Chicken Blah-Blah on a sub sandwich

These Henderson bar foods here make for a great time bellying up at the bar with friend. Be sure to try as many of our local locations as you can. You will be pleasantly surprised at the people you meet and the food you discover. Be adventurous in your culinary experiences!

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