9 Reasons Tom Hanks Should Move to Henderson, Kentucky

Dear Tom,

Henderson, Kentucky visitors often admit wanting to move to Henderson after they visit. Maybe you have entertained the thought of visiting Henderson once more. We are here to remind you that our doors are wide open whenever you decide to come front porch knockin’. Here are nine reasons why we think you should visit sooner rather than later!



9. Let’s Parade About It


Performers dance in the streets during the 2017 Diversity Parade in Henderson, Kentucky

Image source: the Gleaner

One of Henderson’s new traditions, the Diversity Parade, has been gaining momentum every year! Whether we are parading for a cause or just for fun, Henderson hosts several parades throughout the year. Our Christmas Parade is very popular among kids and families. I don’t know if you heard, Tom, but Santa himself will be here in December, so it’s a pretty big deal. Consider yourself invited!



8. To College… or Bust!

Interior stadium view of Preston Arts Center looking at the stage

We heard you Tom when you tweeted to your followers, “I may go back to college. See you there?” We all know the best college to go to is the one close enough to where your mom can still do your laundry. You can round out those gen. ed. classes at the Henderson Community College. It’s home to our beloved performing Preston Arts Center. This season’s Nutcracker auditions are quickly approaching. We would totally support you if you choose to try-out.



7. We Salute Those Who Serve
Hundreds of white memorial crosses displayed in formation in Central Park beside pink rose bushes in Henderson, Kentucky

We know you appreciate men and women who serve for our U.S. military, Tom. We value their sacrifice too. Walking through Central Park, you will find numerous memorials dedicated to war veterans who have served before us. And every Memorial Day, Henderson remembers our fallen loved ones by planting thousands of white crosses in Central Park, each respectfully displaying the name of a Henderson soldier or veteran. A short stroll through this scene will truly move your soul.



6. Fall in Love With Downtown

A spring-time scene of a main street sidewalk nestled between a pink blossom tree and brick home

What’s better than a stroll through the park – maybe a loft apartment that overlooks Central Park in a historic downtown? We can see you now, Tom, perched among the park, gazing out the tall windows of a 19th century building, enjoying a cup of coffee and the peacefulness that comes with having no noisy neighbors.



5. Architecture and Artisan Ice Cream

Aerial image of the beautiful countertop at Planter's Cafe, now Bliss Artisan Ice Cream

Speaking of 19th century architecture… Any cozy corner Bliss, an artisan ice cream and pizza shop, is a place perfectly capable of curing writer’s block. This two-story downtown hub used to be Planter’s Cafe and Coffee Bar. Before that it was Planter’s Bank, a historic piece of Henderson’s downtown history. Tennyson would approve if you so choose to reflect on some of his prose here.



4. Antiques & Hidden Gems

A table of multi-colored antique books at the Elm Consignment and Antique Store

Being the analog man that you are Tom, we know you would much rather read the old fashioned way. Express your thoughts on the Qwerty keys of a much-loved typewriter at one of our antique stores. We would recommend stopping at The Elm Antique Shop to settle your fix for the era-of-finer-things. They might just have a dusty typewriter that has been searching for a long-lost thought conductor like you!



3. Selfie with Audubon

Life-size bronze statue of John James Audubon overlooking the Ohio River with the Henderson railroad bridge in background
Henderson’s greatest writer and legendary naturalist, John James Audubon, would certainly approve of our downtown preservation. We are not sure if he would approve of our generation’s need to take a selfie with him, but without a doubt he is the most selfie-ed statue in Henderson. And here is where we brag about our riverfront’s status as “Best Selfie Location in Kentucky,” voted by Kentucky Living Magazine readers. You know you want to selfie with Audubon!



2. Farmer & Frenchman

Blue skies at Farmer and Frenchman Winery and Vineyard
A hat-tip to Henderson’s agricultural history, and a fast-growing agri-tourism establishment, Farmer & Frenchman Vineyard & Winery invites all with open arms and open barn doors. A fully renovated 1940’s tobacco barn is the winery’s shiny centerpiece. The winery’s picturesque scenery has even caught the eye of film directors.  It completely captures the ideal homegrown feel that Henderson encapsulates. But we all know what great movie set the bar for motion pictures filmed in Henderson…



1. There’s No Crying in Baseball!

Soaper-Liles house on Main Street, Henderson, Kentucky made famous by Tom Hanks
And the number one reason why you should want to move to Henderson, Tom, is to relive all of the memories made spent filming in the 90’s motion picture, “A League of Their Own.” Scenes from the movie of the women’s baseball team boarded at the red-brick Victorian house actually takes place at the historic Soaper-Liles House located on Main Street in Henderson. Henderson has hosted a Movie on Main Street event; lawn chairs were set up in a theater-style fashion on Main Street. Locals gathered to watch the big-screen from the lawn of the house made famous by Hollywood. So Tom, whenever you decide you have a minute to break from being a busy movie star, just know you always have an invitation to stay in Henderson, Kentucky!

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