10 of our Favorite Photos from #HendersonKY in October

Ahh, October. So many beautiful images were shared on Instagram by folks all around Henderson in October! Here, we’re highlighting some of our favorites that were tagged with #HendersonKY. Use the hashtag #HendersonKY in your posts on Facebook and Instagram for a chance to be featured next month! 

1- @halia2797

@halia2797 spotted the first sign of fall in #HendersonKY! ALL the heart eyes for that ruby red leaf.

2- @audkitt

Ok, @audkitt, you’re speaking to our soul with this one. The Dairette is always a good idea!

3- @silent_j93

Can’t argue with @silent_j93. Our Carnegie library on South Main Street is stunning!

4- @farmerandfrenchman

Name a better spot for a destination wedding than @farmerandfrenchman. We’ll wait.

5- @winstontheenglishsetter

I mean, really. How are we not going to feature two of our favorite pupstagram stars, @winstontheenglishsetter and Ivy Jane?

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I go to @gabbispetboutique for the experience – and I leave with a cart full. ⁣ ⁣ As soon as the front door swings open with a bell jingle, the two setters drag me inside with tails wagging. Winston immediately goes behind the counter for treats. That’s where they keep the good stuff. Ivy who hasn’t figured this trick out just yet pulls me toward the pig ear buffet on the bottom shelf.⁣ ⁣ I’m tangled, disheveled, creating chaos with my wake, and my southern reflex to apologize is in full gear. But it’s met with smiles and welcomes, pets, and “How can I help yous?” ⁣ ⁣ They’ll open every door, carry dog food bags to my car, see me struggling with bully sticks and leashes in hand and relieve me, and offer unsolicited help with Winstagram photo ops. It’s a quality of service I have never experienced any where else in any retail store any where. I go not needing a thing but leave with the urge to support this fantastic shop.⁣ ⁣ Sometimes in my small town of Henderson, Kentucky, I think we forget about how crazy lucky we are to have places like this. No crossing the river – just right here in our own community. Supporting our own people. ⁣ ⁣ So if you haven’t stopped by to visit the gem of Gabbis, go pay them a visit 💕

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6- @loudblueberry

We’re just as jazzed as @loudblueberry to welcome Henderson Juice Co. to town. Give us all the jewel-toned juices!

7- @physiquedpharaoh

We can’t get over this gorgeous shot by @physiquedpharaoh! Henderson looks like something out of a river town dream. #swoon

8- @hometownrootsky

Holy moly, @hometownrootsky! White chocolate jalapeño bread pudding? Smoked brownie s’more!? We’ll take one of each!

9- @cc.gregory

@cc.gregory has mastered our favorite subject: the iconic “sun setting over the railroad bridge on the beautiful Ohio River” shot.

10- @dhphenderson

Our friends at @dhphenderson know how to have a good time! We had a ball at Market on Main and the Chili Cook-Off.