Sweet Corn, Tomatoes, Zucchini OH My!

The options are practically unlimited at the Henderson Farmers Market. And what’s more refreshing than fresh produce on a hot summer day? Image 2 for Farmers Market Blog

Currently in Season:
– Sweet Corn
– Tomatoes
– Potatoes
– Zucchini
– Squash
– Cucumber
– Green Beans
– Salsa
– Jams/Jelly

Held each year from May-October the Henderson Farmers Market sells fresh produce, honey, jams and more. The vendors at the market vary so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for something that interests you.

Vendors Include:
– Bouchierie Winery,
– CDB’s Produce and Honey Farm,
– Cates Farm,
– Martin and Mia’s Specialty Produce,
– Mattingly Kids Berry Farm,
– Stone Hill Honey and Produce,
– Hillcrest Baskets and Greenhouse
– Huffman Eggs

Spend some family time shopping for fresh produce and cooking together or save money by eating at home. Feel proud about what you are feeding your family and feel proud about supporting local farmers in Henderson County.

Location and Hours of Operation:

The Farmers Market is located at the Cates-Porter Pavilion in Freedom Park at the Fairgrounds just off airline Road in Henderson, KY. The Market is open Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 8am until 5pm or until vendors are sold out.

Check out www.hendersonfarmersmarketky.com or Henderson Farmers Market Facebook page for more information.


Blog Post written by Caitlyn Kirchoff