Do You Know This Secret Fishing Spot?

We set out to write a complete fisherman’s guide for Henderson, but once we found this unique fishing spot, we decided it needed a post all of its own!

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We headed to Niagara, a.k.a. the “Heartbeat of Henderson,” turned down Highway 416, and found ourselves at Niagara Lake. Look for this sign and you’ll know where to turn! Having trouble finding the spot? See the map we inserted and the lake’s relativity to Niagara General Store.

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This rusty old fishin’ hole looked pretty vacant at first, but don’t judge a book by its cover, because there sure were fish in there!

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It’s important to note that Niagara Lake is personal property that allows visitors to fish for $5.00. Just follow the instructions to write your name and license plate number on a slip of paper, and insert your envelope with cash in the dropbox, and you’re good to go! (Just a side note – this fishing spot was worth the $5.00!)

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All aboard! Watch your balance when loading the boat! The convenience dock is convenient, but only if you are careful. We wouldn’t really recommend leaving young children unattended near the dock. But it certainly was nice to enjoy the picnic table view with the lake water rushing under my feet.


The lake was big enough that a variety of wildlife could be seen around: many ducks and Canadian geese were landing on the water and swimming curiously around the boat, small and large turtles were sunbathing on logs, crawling around the shores is what looked like a mink, a variety of birds including several blue jays, a blue heron, woodpecker, and surprisingly a peacock (one of the nearby neighbors must have a farm?), tree frogs, and of course fish!




We spent about two hours on the water, slowly making way around the perimeters of the lake. We threw back many small blue gills, large mouth bass, and even a couple crappie. The biggest catch of the day was a large mouth bass that was about 2 to 3 pounds. All in all, there were about 12-15 fish at the end of the line, plus a few that got away!

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