Bon Ton Mini Mart Highly Reviewed Here, There, Everywhere

Henderson’s Bon Ton Mini Mart is not only a local favorite, but a feature in several publications and food blogs all over the United States. We got together a few of our favorite quotes about the Henderson hot spot and hope to encourage a few others to check out the chicken.

“Bon Ton chicken delivers a taste thrill like no other: shockingly spicy, salty, and crunchy white and dark meat are infused with a power-packed spice marinade of cayenne and garlic that penetrates to the bone. To salve your ravaged tongue, try the creamy-cool banana pudding. “
-Gourmet Magazine, 2009, Read full article here.

“Anyway, this fried chicken is THE BEST FRIED CHICKEN EVER.”
-Fat Is Flavor Blog, Read full post here.

“The Bon Ton is a totally authentic experience, perfect to take out of town guests. The big deal at this place is their fried chicken. It is so spectacularly good that you just cannot believe it.”
-Courier & Press Dining Club Blog, Read full post here.

“You’d be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t try at least one piece of the fried chicken…”
‘Roadfood’ Warriors, New York Times Magazine, 2006, Read full article here.

“There is no printed menu at the Bon Ton Mini Mart because everyone comes to eat one thing: chicken.” Blog Post, Read full post here.